The 1500 Red 76x76cm

The 1500 Red 76x76cm

7.500 kr.

The 1500 – 76 x 76 cm
The 1500: Our BIGGEST and BADDEST Drying Towel to Date! The 1500 HD Drying Towel was created for Heavy Duty Drying Applications in Automotive, Commercial Trucking, and Recreational Vehicles. This towel boasts 1500 GSM with a Premium 70/30 Blend Twist Loop Design. During our testing, The 1500 was capable of Drying MULTIPLE Full-Size Trucks with a Single Towel.

We found that this Towel was also Ideal for Boat Drying and use in Commercial Trucking Applications. In comparison to our Famous Gauntlet Drying Towel and Liquid8r Drying Towel, the 1500 offers a more robust Drying Experience. For the BEST experience using the 1500, we DO NOT recommend the use of Drying Aid Chemicals such as Sealants or Waxes. Washing the towel with Rags to Riches Microfiber Detergent is recommended to maintain maximum absorption.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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