Synergy 2 Year Ceramic Coating

Synergy 2 Year Ceramic Coating

18.200 kr.

Beginner & Outdoor Friendly Ceramic Coating Kit
Beginner-friendly coating system
2-year durability
Application Kit
Suitable for paintwork and wheels
Can be layered to help hide damage and scratches
Outdoor or indoor application
Drive vehicle away within 30 minutes of application
Synergy 2 is the next step in the incredibly popular coatings range. Following on from Lite, which is a 1-year sprayable coating. Synergy 2 steps up the performance in all areas! Twice as durable, Even easier to apply, incredible gloss, and of course legendry beading & sheeting.

If you are looking for a high performance ceramic coating you can apply at home on the drive then look no further. supplied in a handy application kit which includes 1x 30ml coating and a dual sided applicator. Each bottle is capable of covering 2 average sized vehicles or 1 vehicle plus the wheels making it one of the best value coatings on the market.

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